Harvest Time

This image was created back in September 2017. I had just picked up my new Nikon D850 and was eager to head out and try it out. I went for a leisurely drive out in the country, as I often do, and drove past this field. I took note of the combine out in the field and thought, “Hmmmm I should head back there to capture it agains the sunset”. My drive took me to an old church and I wandered around shooting different images, really just testing the camera. I guess I lost track of time and suddenly I realized the sun was setting… NOW!

I hopped back into my car and went flying down the road back towards the field I had taken note of. Sometimes everything just lines up for you and you get everything working out just perfectly. That was the case this evening… as I got back to the field, the combine was just leaving the truck and I got this perfect, stereotypical, farm scene on the prairies.

When I got home and checked the files on the computer, I have to say I was and am NOT disappointed with Nikon D850… to date it is by FAR the best camera I have ever shot with. Infact the images are so superior that on this entire website there are only 2 or 3 images that are taken with anything prior to that camera. The images just look that different.

Now I’ve always said that it’s not the equipment that makes a great photo but rather the photographer using the equipment. I have a little joke I use in my photography courses, where someone compliments the chef on the great pots and pans that they must have, because the food is so good. It’s laughable but we’ve all heard people say how good the camera must be to get such great shots. I still say it’s not about the gear… but this camera DOES make the photography that much better… when I miss a shot now… it’s totally my fault and not the fault of the equipment.

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